Gashi Enkele Gashi "I got to know Amphenol through a technical pre-internship and since then have kept in touch with the company through further internships and a working student activity. After my studies, it was clear to me that I wanted to take my first professional steps at Amphenol. The positive environment and the fact that we focus on young people and that they also take on responsibility is what sets the company apart for me". Schmetzer "Five years ago, I started my training at Amphenol. Every day I learn more. Meanwhile I have been working in sales for more than 2 years and am part of trend-setting projects. The responsibility I already get as a young specialist is important and fun! Getting ahead is important to me. Amphenol also supports me in my extra-occupational studies." Luis Schmetzer Höchbauer Maurice Höchbauer "It all started with the training at Amphenol-Tuchel, where I was directly introduced to exciting and practical tasks. The environment and the products impressed me from day one, so I knew right away that I wanted to stay here. My talents were recognized and promoted early on, and I was initially allowed to gain experience in the prototype and master data team. In the meantime, I have been developed to the level of project manager, where I am able to drive forward exciting and future projects with the team on my own responsibility."

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If you have a general or subject-related higher education entrance qualification, we offer you the opportunity to gain practical experience in addition to theory with the dual system of studies.

We offer the following dual courses of study:

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In addition, we offer the following internships or dissertations:

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If we currently have no suitable job advertisement for you and you are interested in working for our company, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application.