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We secure our future through the high quality of our products and processes, as well as through environmentally friendly behaviour. Quality and the preservation of the environment is what supplier and customer want together. Our processes are monitored by means of key figures in order to meet quality targets and customer expectations. Compliance with regulations, specifications, standards as well as legal and customer requirements is a matter of course.

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The protection of your personal data is important to us. Here you will find information on the handling of your data that is collected through your use of our website. Your data will be processed in accordance with the statutory regulations on data protection.

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Information Security

The ENX Association in collaboration with TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange), on behalf of the VDA, the joined recognition of information security assessments in the automotive industry. TISAX assessments are performed by accredited audit providers who confirm their qualification at regular intervals. TISAX and TISAX results are not destined for the general public.

Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics GmbH gives high importance to confidentiality and integrity of information. We have taken extensive measures to protect sensitive and confidential information. Therefore, we comply with the questionnaire on information security of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA). The assessment was carried out by an audit provider, in this case the TISAX audit provider DQS GmbH. The results can be reached exclusively via the ENX portal:https://portal.enx.com/en-US/TISAX/tisaxassessmentresults/