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C390 8mm Radsok R8S

Product description The RADSOK R8S (see image) is a further development of the extremely reliable RADSOK contact system, which has been successfully used in the automotive industry and in industrial sectors for a number of decades. The symmetrical annular contact, which has been optimised in all areas, is comprised of a contact grid made of a beryllium-free copper alloy and features a radially twisted lamella layout for self-cleaning. This design enabled the company to achieve the best possible contact resistance and high corrosion resistance. One of the outstanding properties of the RADSOK R8S contact system is the fact that it can now withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius. In the case of the 8mm-model, for example, the “snap-in” connection results in optimised dimensions (around 20 percent shorter and with an approx. 25 percent smaller diameter) and a weight around 66 percent less than that of the previous model. On top of all this, the new and improved contact system also boasts a very high power density in proportion to its weight.