Serie | Automotive – High Voltage Connector

8mm 180° HEAVYSOK® – 3SC

Article no. C390 3I03 XH22 20XX

Product description

The 3-way 8mm HV connector is an evolution of our HVC 8mm C400 3I08 UA19 3001 which is succesfully in production since over one decade! With its remarkable aluminium housing it grants the necessary toughness. One of its highlights is passing the vibration tests V3 (USCAR-2). Concerning safety features we added a touch-proof protection as well as protection for sealings and shielding. Further the connector is waterproof according to IP 6K9K. Beside 3 high-performance 8mm terminals there is one HVIL (high voltage interlock)-contact linked to the control unit. For our customers there is the possibility to add shielding tube. Four different codings and two cable squibs (35-50mm²) are available. The connector is validated for ultrasonic and resistance welding.